Friday, February 19, 2010

Upper Body Workout

Recovering from foot surgery has been much more difficult than I ever anticipated. Apparently I thought I was much tougher than I really am! Now that I am beginning to gain some of my independence back, and the pain has subsided, I am missing working out more than ever. I also am an extremely bad sleeper, and this surgery has only exaggerated this once annoying problem into something that is drastically changing WHO I am. (I've never been more irritable, sad, or unable to cope as I have been since the sleeping has worsened)

To battle my urge to work out and (hopefully, fingers crossed) my growing insomnia problem, I've decided to purchase one of these:

It is a resistance band you can buy at any sports store. I have stretch bands (used for pilates, the bands without handles) but for upper body I prefer this kind, since it has handles. This band is also great for leg work outs (and can be used like the pilates bands too). Since I am unable to use my feet, I can't use my lower body. I plan to work out what I can--which is only my upper body. Here are some exercises I plan to do--they can be done anywhere at home or at a park. This band is also great to have for traveling.

This first exercise is the standing row. It's meant to work your back. Keeping good posture is important. Since I can't stand I will do the row sitting down with my legs stretched in front of me.

This exercise will work your shoulders. Lift until your arms are parallel to the ground (straight out in front of you, level with your shoulder) and slowly bring back down. I'll sit on a chair and put the band under the legs for this exercise.

This exercise is the chest press. Start with your arms back & then push forward. Ill do this one sitting as well.

This exercise is bicep curls. (which I'll do with the chair as well) Be sure to go up slowly and down slowly--going down slowly is just as important as the lift part.

Good Luck with your workout!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Month of Love

I believe it should be a time to love yourself.
I think that is both living happily & being healthy.
xo, M.