Sunday, May 31, 2009


I cannot believe that it's June! Time is flying by. May was eventful & distracting for me. I "worked out" less--and did Yoga more. Although I consider Yoga a workout, some do not (ahem, Chris). I made my MAY goal! I went to Yoga at least 3days a week for the entire month. I loved it! It took me about 2 weeks to even get back into the groove that I'd lost. The days following each practice were a little painful! I was so sore. I am a pansy, I have absolutely no upper body strength. Normally neglected-my back, arms, abs, and chest really benefit from Yoga. I have definitely began to see a difference, but know that I have much more to work on. Which brings me to this: The Chattarunga. This is a move in Yoga that requires all upper body strength-and I cannot do it. It drives me crazy!! I know its just a small thing, but I really want to do it.

This isn't the entire thing, but the beginning. The lowering is the part that kills me! It's so slow & with the arms tight to your sides it's so hard for me! I know, pathetic.

So back to May being eventful & distracting [see how distracted I just got?]. My good habits have suffered mucho since the completion of my half marathon. Good Habits? I know, I was no all-star, but I am talking about: Eating Vegetables, Drinking plenty of H2O, sleeping better, eating enough calcium rich foods, and fewer sweets. Now it's looking like: 1-2 bottles a day of water- 3 if I worked out that day, no vegetables, no salads, and going to bed way too late. & also eating sweets almost daily! Ack! I am not burning the same amount of calories now as I was during training & am eating as much, if not MORE than I did when I was. The purpose for this isn't weight gain or loss for me, but simply to stay healthy & form good habits that will help me throughout life. I think I wanted a break so bad from training that I automatically stopped everything! With Chris graduating, going to Vegas, making a zillion headbands & working constantly I dropped the ball. [doesn't sound like that much, but it was go-go-go-go]. So I have made my June goals. I am keeping it simple & to the point. [I'd love some company on one or all of them too ;)]
:eat 4-5 servings of vegetables daily:
:drink 4-6 bottles of water daily:
:sweets= sparingly:
:by end of month, be able to do a Chattarunga:

Happy, trying to be Healthy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inward Bound

I too have been thinking about my next goals- on another "health" oriented blog I do with some of my siblings (click here) I just posted about one of mine last night! And it's one of yours too miss Court! YOGA. My goal is to do it 3times a week. You should do it too! I don't want to stop doing other work outs-and thats the challenge! So, I hope to maintain (for the summer) a 5day work out week. For May I am aiming for 3 of those days to be Yoga. That may or may not be practical for you since you are still training for races. Maybe you could aim for 2 days? I definitely see/feel the benefits of Yoga & know I could definitely use more of it in my life!
Here are a few things from
my "get healthier" list that I have also been thinking about:
[weight training]
I would love to tone up! After seeing that lady in Hawaii (you know, super mom) I just want to be TIGHT. I know I am in decent shape, but I want to look like I am :) I dont want to do major weights, but the fact is I rarely do them at all.
[eat more vegetables]
I eat salad and that's it. And if I dont eat a salad that day, I dont eat any veggies. Tisk. Tisk.
[get more sleep]
I dont get enough. I work so much & always have an excuse-but the bottom line, I have sleeping problems & I need to give myself a fighting chance by going to bed earlier. I struggle through the night as it is, and going to bed late only makes it worse. Plus, I'm tired of being tired & grumpy.
[take vitamins]
Some days I am great at having a balanced diet. Others I am awful. I know with how much I work out & with all the stress-I need vitamins.
[make more "me time"]
Whenever I have a free moment, I usually clean or make a "to-do" list (im totally type-a), etc. I rarely take time for myself. I dont want to make anything or do anything. I want to lay and read, or take a nap, or get a pedicure. I never do these things and I know I really should start. No matter how busy my life gets, I need to find time for it.
I would love to do everything above-but that just isn't realistic for me. [not all at once anyway] So I hope to gradually work on incorporating each of those into my life. Do any of those sound like something you'd like to do? It sounds to me like we both need a little "inner body" work (Yoga, reading, etc). We have been kicking our bodies butts on the outside and I think it's time we take a look inward. A healthy balance is needed!
[Does anyone else have any fabulous healthy tips they'd like to share?]
Be Healthy & Happy

What's it gonna be?

K Mares, I have been thinking about what I would like to accomplish next. The list is long, but I am needing to focus on just one or two things right now. I would love to do accomplish this next goal together if both want to work on the same thing. Here are some things I would like to do more of:
  • YOGA
Do any of those sound like something you've been thinking about working on? I know they all sound simple and like they wouldn't take much time or effort, but for some reason I seriously struggle with each of these things.

I am leaning toward yoga right now because I have been so tight and have noticed I my regular shallow breathing is getting even more shallow. I have been tense from all the house work and I just think I would feel better if I did more of it. I also wish I had more time to read right now. I LOVE reading, and I would do it every day if I had the time. I used to read a book a week back in the good old days. I also need to get back in the kitchen and start making real meals for Josh and myself. Since we moved I feel like all we eat is what can be ready in 2 minutes, and it usually consists of rotisserie chicken, a tortilla, or raw veggies. I have reasons for everything that I have listed. What do you think? Do you want to send me your list and we can pick one from each? Maybe I'll set a goal to improve each of these things by the end of the year. hmmm...

Wanting to be even happier and healthier by reaching another goal,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My April Challenge

On April 18 I completed the Salt Lake City half marathon! This was no easy feat for me. I have been insanely busy lately. Unfortunately, training wasn't a priority for me. During the month before the race I moved, began renovating a house, spent a week in Hawaii, and got sick twice (once with influenza B and once with strep throat)! Those things didn't leave me with the time or energy to dedicate to my training schedule.

The week before my race I decided I wasn't going to race for a specific time set as my goal, but that my goal was going to be to not injure myself and to not walk at any point during the 13.1 miles that made up the half. I spent the week stretching, doing yoga, and rolling my legs. I also ate foods that were high in potassium, vitamin C, protein, and fiber. All of these things helped me stay healthy enough to race, prevented injury, and helped me rebuild my muscles after my race.

I love the SLC marathon because the course isn't too challenging until the end, and then it's only about two miles of a small hill. Unfortunately for me, those 2 miles of hills killed my time. I slowed down to almost 12 minute miles! Before that I was running close to a 9 minute mile. Around mile 5 my right knee started to ache and lock up. I got pretty worried but breathed through the discomfort and by mile 9 I didn't feel it anymore. The mind is a powerful thing and can play tricks on you. I swear mental strength is more important in a distance challenge than physical strength.

I ended up reaching both of my goals. I didn't walk for one second of the race, and I didn't hurt myself. My knee was a little stiff after the race but by the next day I couldn't feel any pain or discomfort. I think the entire experience was an all around success. The race was so fun. We had crowds all along the way cheering us on. There were bands on most corners, dance teams, and people having breakfast parties in their front yards while watching us run on! It was very fun and I loved it, but I am glad it's over. I always look forward to my future races, but they are almost over for the time being. I have one more relay race this summer but after more running for me, because the next time I run a race like this I will have a baby!

I crossed the finish line in 2 hours and 11 minutes and my darling husband was right there to congratulate me.

Happily Healthy,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Reaching Goals

I have to say that making a goal & reaching it is sometimes not as easy as I would think! I used to be a huge runner, so I decided that running a half marathon would be a great goal that would keep me in great shape! Both are very true! However, I never anticipated the challenges I would face as I trained. TIME was a huge one. After about week 6 of training, suddenly you aren't going for a "quick run" anymore--I was having to dedicated SO much time to my running, and I rarely have time to do anything! It was difficult to set aside time & stick to it, I would say "oh I am going to run at 6" and then six would pass...etc. WILL POWER is my other one. I felt like there were days where I just didn't care, I didn't want to continue. MONEY- paying for shoes, races, etc didn't so much frustrate me as it did Chris (dont get me wrong he wasn't upset by it, but since money isn't flowing freely here it would be something we had to plan out). There were a lot of obstacles--and I can relate this to any goal I have ever made, not just running.

I think the challenge is the best part! Over coming all the things that are pushing against you is where the real rush comes (like crossing a finish line). Not only has training to run 13.1 miles helped me strengthen my body, my mind, but also helped me want to set more goals for myself! The feeling I had when I completed this was awesome. I would be lying if I didn't admit I was really relieved that I finally did it, I was a in pain (my legs have never hurt like that before), and part of me was wondering if I could have done better. WHAT! I kicked my own trash & I was questioning it? That's just sick!

slower than I had wanted, but at mile 10 my iPod stopped working so I was no longer distracted & I could feel the motivation slowing!
Total Time: 2:11:01
Time Per Mile: 10min

Now I am on to planning my next goal! I am thinking I will switch it up, I am not sure how. Maybe I'll do an eating goal-not eat sweets for 60days or something. Ill let you know once I have decided! Maybe you & I could do one together, and anyone else who reads this & wants to.

Don't give up on your goals!
Being Healthier & Happier