Thursday, August 11, 2011

my 1st happiness project

You know what I love? Surprises. Not the 'oh, it looks like you're going to need a root canal' kind, but the gooooooood ones! Surprises like cheery flowers showing up on the kitchen table 'just because', a sweet thoughtful text or message from a friend, or 'So sorry the baby shower is canceled because Shelby is in labor!'. 

Surprises are just fun!

In my constant effort to keep life 'spiced-up' (just ask Chris, he hears me tell him to 'spice up' his life on a regular basis....and yes, the Spice Girls song has been a delivery method) I have decided that I am going to spread the surprise love & give more little surprises to others. 

I am hoping this little project of mine is as fun as I think it is going to be. I know we all enjoy making other people smile :) The little things in life go a long way.

My first surprise will be hiding these little notes around the apartment for my sweetheart (each of them saying something different). 
Wish me luck!

wishing happiness projects to all!