Monday, May 4, 2009

Reaching Goals

I have to say that making a goal & reaching it is sometimes not as easy as I would think! I used to be a huge runner, so I decided that running a half marathon would be a great goal that would keep me in great shape! Both are very true! However, I never anticipated the challenges I would face as I trained. TIME was a huge one. After about week 6 of training, suddenly you aren't going for a "quick run" anymore--I was having to dedicated SO much time to my running, and I rarely have time to do anything! It was difficult to set aside time & stick to it, I would say "oh I am going to run at 6" and then six would pass...etc. WILL POWER is my other one. I felt like there were days where I just didn't care, I didn't want to continue. MONEY- paying for shoes, races, etc didn't so much frustrate me as it did Chris (dont get me wrong he wasn't upset by it, but since money isn't flowing freely here it would be something we had to plan out). There were a lot of obstacles--and I can relate this to any goal I have ever made, not just running.

I think the challenge is the best part! Over coming all the things that are pushing against you is where the real rush comes (like crossing a finish line). Not only has training to run 13.1 miles helped me strengthen my body, my mind, but also helped me want to set more goals for myself! The feeling I had when I completed this was awesome. I would be lying if I didn't admit I was really relieved that I finally did it, I was a in pain (my legs have never hurt like that before), and part of me was wondering if I could have done better. WHAT! I kicked my own trash & I was questioning it? That's just sick!

slower than I had wanted, but at mile 10 my iPod stopped working so I was no longer distracted & I could feel the motivation slowing!
Total Time: 2:11:01
Time Per Mile: 10min

Now I am on to planning my next goal! I am thinking I will switch it up, I am not sure how. Maybe I'll do an eating goal-not eat sweets for 60days or something. Ill let you know once I have decided! Maybe you & I could do one together, and anyone else who reads this & wants to.

Don't give up on your goals!
Being Healthier & Happier


  1. Hi! I found your blog from Amanda Spiker. I just wanted to tell you I think your blog is amazing. I love to run and do some 5 and 10K's and have done one half marathon. I'm training for a triathalon and need motivation. So this blog makes me so happy! Thanks for giving me the motivation I need :)

  2. Mares, I am so so so proud of you! Two huge races in two weeks. You are truly amazing! I can't believe your ipod stopped working at mile 10! You really do have bad luck with your ipods. It would be so hard to finish a race with out music. It's amazing how it distracts you and keeps you going. I totally agree that setting a goal and actually achieving it is one of the best feelings ever. I feel like as I get older this is a harder thing for me to do. I really want to set our next goal together. I think it would be awesome to work toward something together.

  3. I just realized you finished the race 4 seconds faster than me. We would have crossed the finish line at the same time if we had run our races together. I wish we could have!