Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inward Bound

I too have been thinking about my next goals- on another "health" oriented blog I do with some of my siblings (click here) I just posted about one of mine last night! And it's one of yours too miss Court! YOGA. My goal is to do it 3times a week. You should do it too! I don't want to stop doing other work outs-and thats the challenge! So, I hope to maintain (for the summer) a 5day work out week. For May I am aiming for 3 of those days to be Yoga. That may or may not be practical for you since you are still training for races. Maybe you could aim for 2 days? I definitely see/feel the benefits of Yoga & know I could definitely use more of it in my life!
Here are a few things from
my "get healthier" list that I have also been thinking about:
[weight training]
I would love to tone up! After seeing that lady in Hawaii (you know, super mom) I just want to be TIGHT. I know I am in decent shape, but I want to look like I am :) I dont want to do major weights, but the fact is I rarely do them at all.
[eat more vegetables]
I eat salad and that's it. And if I dont eat a salad that day, I dont eat any veggies. Tisk. Tisk.
[get more sleep]
I dont get enough. I work so much & always have an excuse-but the bottom line, I have sleeping problems & I need to give myself a fighting chance by going to bed earlier. I struggle through the night as it is, and going to bed late only makes it worse. Plus, I'm tired of being tired & grumpy.
[take vitamins]
Some days I am great at having a balanced diet. Others I am awful. I know with how much I work out & with all the stress-I need vitamins.
[make more "me time"]
Whenever I have a free moment, I usually clean or make a "to-do" list (im totally type-a), etc. I rarely take time for myself. I dont want to make anything or do anything. I want to lay and read, or take a nap, or get a pedicure. I never do these things and I know I really should start. No matter how busy my life gets, I need to find time for it.
I would love to do everything above-but that just isn't realistic for me. [not all at once anyway] So I hope to gradually work on incorporating each of those into my life. Do any of those sound like something you'd like to do? It sounds to me like we both need a little "inner body" work (Yoga, reading, etc). We have been kicking our bodies butts on the outside and I think it's time we take a look inward. A healthy balance is needed!
[Does anyone else have any fabulous healthy tips they'd like to share?]
Be Healthy & Happy


  1. ahhah becca! I love the healthy tip! thanks for reading & supporting our blog!