Monday, June 22, 2009

Fit to be Fabulous

Dear Retro Swimsuits,

I have had this little curiosity about you for some time. Do I like that you are returning to fashion? What will you fit like? Will I like you on me? Well, this little curiosity soon became a small obsession. I think you are beautiful & funky & fresh. Swimwear has become sort of a bore for me & you have caught my eye. Now here's the deal. This obsession of mine is now a FEAR. You will show every little flaw I have won't you? I have to be tone & in the best shape ever to be able to pull you off won't I? I am afraid.

need to get in shape to wear you

I know its middle of Summer & this is a late-late start for this. I haven't even tried one on because I don't want to not like them! [i know, im a nerd] But I think they are so fun!

So, I have decided I will try one on in 4 weeks. That means I am giving myself one month to tone up & get in shape. 4 weeks isn't much time. What are the best tips you have? I am in need of any & all advice, so I hope you can help!! I will post each week about what I am doing & possibly the suit I am considering purchasing at the end of this.

I am such a girl, it's embarassing. But Hey, I at least admit it! Also, anyone who knows where to find these babies let me know (i have a growing list!).

Trying to live Healthy so I can be Happy in my Retro


  1. I too am OBSESSED! I love them, they are so sexy and cute. You will do wonderfully over the next 4 weeks and look fabulous in your retro one-piece.

  2. I know I already commented but I am salivating over this yellow suit. I must have that.

  3. It's amazing! I LOVE it. I am considering making my ENTIRE cancun trip Retro...since I don't know when I'll get another chance to rock this style while it's still in...Let's see if Chris allows it, he is picky with swimsuits lol!

  4. I have loved the yellow suit since I saw in on VS... but sadly it is gone from the site! Did you buy it Mare? If so, you will look FAB in it! If anyone can rock the retro, you can!

  5. Brit you are my favorite! You, of anyone, know how much I have been lusting these suits...I have been talking about it for waaaay too long! Now I just gotta be a good girl so i can look cute in one!

  6. Cute suits...I LOVE THEM> I bought a juicy green retro two piece in emerald green this year and I love it. I feel so feminine in it!