Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mari's Workout for the Week
Cardio is hard(for me). I hit a wall at about 30minutes(mentally). I have a goal to run (my first) half-marathon in 2009. I will not be able to reach that goal if I cannot overcome this (very) frustrating problem I am having!

One thing that has really helped me push past my mental block is mixing-it-up. (light at the end of the tunnel) Instead of only running, I have tried to incorporate other forms of cardio- cycle class, do stairs, and jump rope, etc.
Not only does it help me get past that (on average 3.5mile) mark, it benefits the days that I do run.
I feel stronger & can work through my "i need to stop, i can't breathe" mentality.
I'd also like to try swimming, but I am a pretty crappy swimmer so we'll see.

The workout I am posting this week is as hard as you want it to be.
The stair-mill at the gym gives a great work out, but i hate it!
(Because of the whole "mental" thing, I just stare at the time as it crawls by).
Running stairs outside is AWESOME. I know weather doesn't always cooperate, but if you get the chance--do it! Find a staircase at a park, in a neighborhood, or even a stadium. Just make sure its long! (the steeper the better too)
Here is one of my workouts for stairs, it varies depending on how many steps your staircase has..the one I go to has about 90 so this is for that, adjust accordingly.
Walk down after each time up.
1st: walk up (warm up)
2nd: jog up
3rd: run as fast as you can up
(if you dont make it up the entire way jog the rest of the way up)
4th: skip 1 step while running up
5th: run up
6th: skip 2 steps while running up
7th: run up
8th: hop up (both feet together)
9th: hop up one leg
(half on right, half on left)
10th: walk up (cool down)

This workout took some seriously building up to last spring, & I am not at this level yet now--but I hope to be! So if you can't do it your first try, don't worry. Its a beast.

read this article about running stadiums: tips on how to do it effectively & how it can improve your race!


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  1. Cardio is hard for everyone Mares! Don't feel alone. I have found that my first 3 miles are ALWAYS my most difficult. After I get through those first 3 and my mental block is gone, I can go forever. I swear that my 5k s are harder than the half marathons I have done. Maybe it's the same for you. I am so proud of you for doing a marathon. You will love the whole experience and when you cross the finish line you will feel so amazing.

    I read through that article and it was really helpful! He made some good suggestions on how not to hurt yourself, which is what I am always afraid of when I think about running stairs. On Tuesday I will start running stairs and I will do it at least once a week until I can complete your workout. Thanks for the idea!