Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh my Legs!

Here are a few leg workouts for you my dear!

First- Lunges!
Lunges are rough! They are one of the workouts that the next day I totally feel it! Lunges are great for your legs, especially for your butt. Using the Bosu adds to the challenge, making you use your core to balance as well as putting more weight on one leg.
Ashley showed me these a while ago, they are sure to make you feel the burn! They are also great to mix it up from your regular lunges.
*Please excuse the uber-sexy man, I don't have a bosu at home & wasn't about to take a pic of myself at the gym

I definitely recommend using weight if they are too easy. You want to do 2 sets of 25 on each leg. And as always be sure your front knee doesn't pass your toes.


After the lunges, go directly to these. Grab whatever weight you usually curl (between 5lbs & 15lbs in each hand) and stand like our cute gal..."Sally" below:

Be sure to not let your knees pass your toes. Do 3 sets of 15. For extra credit: after you do your 15th sit in squat position & hold while you do 15 curls with the hand held weights you have. Your legs will SHaaaaaaAAAke!


Lastly we have the Hamstring curls. These babies are painful (for me). Lay flat on your back, place heels on ball: butt raised so that your body is a straight line from head to toe. Slowly pull in ball towards yourself, without letting your butt lower. Make sure your hands are relaxed at your sides and all the work is in your core, butt, and legs(mainly hamstrings). Slowly push ball back out.

Do 2 sets of 25
Feel the burn baby!!

Happy to be Healthy



  1. Ooooh I'm excited! I finally felt like with my trainer I was gaining some good shape on my legs but because of the house and vacations I'm no longer working with him. I'm always looking for new ideas to help tone my legs. Thanks Mares! Oh and I love the pictures.

  2. I am going to use these at the gym today! Looks amazing, and just what I need to get my legs in shape!