Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stepping Stones: First Race Scheduled!

First race for 2009 is scheduled! I just signed up!
Date: March 21st
Goal: beat 10min miles
(current training pace)

Since my decision to run a half marathon in the year 2009 (race date TBA), I have begun to run 3times a week regularly. Between 2-4miles. In order to keep with my goal, I have decided to sign up for a few smaller races along the way to keep me motivated. The first is in just two weeks, a 5k in Carpenteria. I am looking forward to this race because its been almost a year since my last 5k. I haven't been training the way I used to (for speed), so it will be interesting to see how the results differ. I have been training at a consistent 10min mile pace, so my goal for this race is to simply beat that.
I will definitely let you know how this "stepping stone" process works, smaller races leading up to bigger races. I know you have a bunch of races this summer. I want to hear about them, what you are doing to train & what your goals are.

BE Healthy. BE Happy.

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  1. I am so proud of you! I will make a post about my upcoming races and will respond to this post in that. It feels good to be back to blogging!