Saturday, March 21, 2009

Run your little heart out!

Here I am after running the Salt Lake half marathon last year.

I am one of those weird people who loves running. I don't love it every day, but I probably love it about 80% of the time I do it. When you finish you feel so accomplished and strong.

My favorite time to run is in an actual race. I love the collective energy you feel at the starting line, the people cheering you on in the streets, and the feeling you get when you cross the finish line knowing you worked through the pain and did your best. This year I am signed up for a half marathon in April, and a 24 hour relay in June, and am still deciding when and where I want to do my first triathlon. Sadly, these will be my last races until I have a baby. My doctor says I need to tone it down if I want my fertility up. Since I am all out of whack I am going to do what she tells me and hope it works! Anyway, I am so excited and can't wait for race day to be here. I have found it really difficult to find time for true distance running (which is what I really need to be doing right now) because of the house renovation, moving, packing for a trip, working, etc. but I am doing one distance run a week. My usual training for a long race goes a little something like this:

Week one: 2-3 3 mile runs
Week two: 2, 3 mile runs, one five mile run
Week 3: 2, 3 mile runs, one six mile run
Week 4: 2, 3 mile runs one seven mile run

So I basically build up and add one mile per week of training. I have found that this is the best way to get ready for a race. You shouldn't kill yourself and run distance every day. Our bodies need a break, our muscles and joints need to heal. Because I haven't been able to give my training the time I would like, my goal is just to finish my marathon in about two hours, which is what I did last year. If I run around 6 miles an hour this is totally doable. I wish you could be here to run my April race with me! It is so much more fun doing it with someone else. Keep up the good work, it will pay off.

Be Healthy, Be Happy

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  1. That sounds really similar to my training schedule. I am excited for your races- to see your progress, etc.
    Also, I think its smart to listen to the doc, she probably knows whats best. Yay for an update, good luck with your house etc! You have been superwoman lately!